Unlocked is a consulting service company specific for Escape Room owners. We cover a variety of services and report on the latest news in the Escape Room Industry.

If you are getting into the Escape Room Industry but do not know where to start, this is for you. Perhaps you already started, but you are struggling to get players in the door, we can help.




We have extensive knowledge in the following fields:

Opening a Company –

Learn the basics for an Escape Room Business. Including getting that perfect location, zoning and permit issues, right down to the perfect name. 

Fund-Raising Techniques –

GoFundMe to finding investors, we show how to get that start up money. 

Business Insurance Set-up –

Not everyone knows what an escape room is, especially insurance companies. We will show you what words to use when getting your policy. 

Leasing a Location –

We will help you get the perfect deal for your location. 

Social Media –

They best advertising is free, right? We will show you how to use Social Media in a way to boost your business.

Guerilla Marketing –

Escape Rooms are hard to market, but we will show you the tactics that work.

Alternate Reality Gaming –

Compete with other Escape Rooms by adding an interactive game with your customers.

Online Presence –

We will work on your SEO, Google analytics, and over all image online to make you the best. 

Video Content –

Our film and editing staff will create the best in game and online content for your business. 

Budgeting –

We can look at you budget and show you how much you can do and when to to take the next step. 

Staffing Solutions –

Our experts will show you what to look for in perspective employees. 

Creating Mass Market Content –

We will help you make your mass market look professional and creative. 

We are here to get you up to speed on all of these arenas of the industry, and can provide guidance as you navigate them.